Simulated Mission to the ISS: 1. Pre-Flight Training

Welcome, Cadets! Here are some of your pre-flight training tasks. Credit: NASA
For your assigned spacewalks, you train extensively in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Your underwater closely simulates your spacesuit. You spend seven hours practicing for every hour that you’ll spend on the real spacewalk. Credit: NASA
Several divers assist astronauts during training in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. One of the astronauts is attached to a foot plate like the one at the end of the space station's Canadarm2. Credit: NASA
Astronaut training will give you lots of practice using exhaustive checklists. Credit: NASA
Near the end of your training, you will practice in a Soyuz simulator. In this 2015 image, Scott Kelly practices in the simulator for his one-year mission. Credit: NASA
You practice operating the Soyuz controls using a rod that extends your arm's reach. That's because the acceleration during the launch will produce such strong g-force that you won't be able to lean forward! Credit: NASA